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Campaign picture geothermal energy

Geothermal energy

Unleashing the power of the earth

Today, all of Austria can rely on being supplied with important sources of energy. And for tomorrow, we’re working at top speed on innovative solutions that will continue to meet our society’s energy needs with sustainable resources. We’re taking the next step.

No matter how cold it is outside: 100 meters below the Earth’s surface, it is almost constantly 10°C and the deeper you go, the warmer it gets – by some 3°C for every 100 meters. As a result, the water located several thousand meters below the Earth’s surface is over 100 degrees hot. Geothermal energy utilizes this heat, stored in deep waters or rock, for heating, cooling and generating electricity, by means of drilling and various technical procedures. OMV aims to produce up to 9 terawatt hours (TWh) of energy per year from geothermal applications by 2030, making another important contribution to the reduction of CO2.

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Cozy ambience included

OMV draws on decades of expertise when it comes to locating and economically developing deposits. Geothermal drilling is comparable to drilling for oil or gas. With geothermal heat, OMV focuses on the hydrothermal use of deep geothermal energy, meaning that it uses natural deep water at depths of up to 5,000 meters to generate energy.

Sights set on industrial application

According to OMV experts, the geothermal conditions in the Vienna Basin are suitable for use as a direct heat carrier. In northern Germany, geothermal energy could be used to generate electricity. Industrial and agricultural uses also have great potential – for example the provision of heat for breweries, dairies, the paper industry, aquacultures and greenhouses.

Start of geothermal projects at OMV

A concrete and important project for the analysis of the Vienna Basin's geothermal potential is the production test in the AD96 well between Aderklaa and Deutsch-Wagram. Geologically, this test takes place in the basin basement of the Vienna Basin, in the main dolomite, which is found at a depth of about 2,900 m at this location. This project fits in perfectly with the goals of OMV's Strategy 2030, playing an important role for the future business field of geothermal energy in order to provide CO2-free energy.

The problem is that heat demand in the winter months is very high but rather low in summer. If geothermal energy was geared to peak load, this would be very expensive,” says Ms Zartl-Klik. The optimal way would thus be to supply base loads using geothermal plants and utilize other heat sources like biomass or large-scale heat pumps for peak loads. In general, however, one geothermal plant for approx. every 20,000 households or more, a geothermal facility would be worth the investment. Die Presse, edition dated 10.12.2022

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