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OMV Digital Journey Header

OMV's Digital Journey

OMV’s Digital Journey is our strategy for digital transformation, enabling us to become a digital leader in our field and unlocking smart opportunities along the entire value chain. Digital transformation is driven by key initiatives orchestrated across the entire Group built on three pillars: Digitalize, Act, and Enable.

Executive Summary:

  • Digital Journey positions OMV among the digital leaders in the industry
  • Operationalization of business strategies through focused lighthouse projects
  • Change in culture, skills to foster an innovative mindset as the foundation

With the Digital Journey OMV has defined a structured digital transformation to become a leading player in the field of digitalization in the industry, unlocking smart opportunities among our entire value chain. The digital transformation is driven by key initiatives orchestrated across the entire group, which are built on three pillars:

  • Business agility through smart investment and technology choices – close to business - focusing on highest impact along business and HSSE priorities driven by light house projects
  • Digital ways of working - innovate at speed and scale with an organization, skills & culture adaptive to digital through Culture Initiative, Digital Academy and Open Innovation
  • Digital platforms– breaking down silos by integrating through digital technology like Cyber Security, S4Hana, Cloudification and O365 WoF


The digital strategy was developed in line with OMV’s structure alongside key divisional programs, namely DigitUP in Upstream, DigitalMotion in Downstream, and Finance 4.0 in corporate services. Lighthouse projects have contributed to operationalizing our business strategies and generating maximum value since 2018. Our digital strategy also enables digitalization based on hybrid IT infrastructure services and state-of-the-art cybersecurity. We promote cultural change and develop future skills to foster an innovative mindset and create digital dexterity in our organization.

For OMV, digital leadership also means acting as an industry role model for sustainable HSSE, reducing our carbon footprint and maintaining highly efficient and effective process operation. Among our key values are customer centricity, serving as the business partner of choice, and being an attractive employer for talent.

To reach this target OMV invests in digitalization projects along seven dimensions:

  • Cyber security to safeguard the business
  • Process digitalization to improve business models and process efficiency
  • Advanced analytics by integrating data domains in a data lake to enhance decision making and drive predictive maintenance ambitions
  • Automation, AI & Robotics to optimize operations, increase HSSE effectiveness and improve corporate processes
  • Connectivity & Sensing to digitalize plant operations and connect the workforce
  • Hybrid IT infrastructure integration as a state-of-the-art IT foundation layer (“Renovate the core”)
  • Digital Dexterity as our ambition to implement a new culture, a new way of approaching challenges

Today, digitalization is vital for business at OMV, for example, to ensure optimal evaluation and convergent use of digital and analog data in machine controls for increased efficiency and availability, safer operations, and more targeted maintenance activities. Leveraging our experience, collaborating with strategic partners, and transforming key elements of the IT landscape into platforms allows us to execute a solid, well-balanced portfolio of use-case and value-driven digital endeavors. 

DIGITALIZE – Leveraging digital technologies to drive business performance and value generation


What we do How we benefit

Digital Subsurface

  • Digital Subsurface facilitates management of exploration and development projects by simulating our assets in 3D models (“Digital Twins”).
  • High-performance computations of multiple future scenarios help us understand the value of our assets and provide experts and decision makers with a sound basis of information and knowledge.
  • Reduce field development time by 75%  by 2025 due to faster scenario creation and analysis and better concept selection 
  • Reduced OPEX per field development plan  of up to EUR 15 mn

Real-time Digital Oilfield

  • The Real-time Digital Oilfield program aims to run assets autonomously 24/7 backed by an adaptive digitally enabled workforce.
  • Our goal is to apply digital components according to an operational maturity model of all our production systems, thus improving our major capabilities: self-optimizing production, operations cockpit, and robotic inspection.
  • Maximize condensation production in New Zealand during low gas demand periods
  • Remote commissioning protocol, e.g., for the Nawara start-up in Tunisia
  • Plus 2% marketable production from operated ventures by 2025, resulting in plus EUR 25 mn in operating cash flow
  • Up to 50% cost and turnaround time reduction for mandatory integrity inspections by using robotics, resulting in around EUR 2 mn of annual savings

Digital Rig of the Future

  • The future well will be planned in one day, drilled by a robot, and controlled by people. 
  • DigitUP will help increase the efficiency of planning and drilling our wells thanks to automation, optimal collaboration across disciplines, digital tools, and an optimized corporate learning process.
  • Automated rigs and better control of our well construction will also improve our safety record.
  • Cost avoidance around EUR 2 mn due  to expert interventions in 21 critical wells monitored in real time in 2019
  • 90% well planning time reduction by 2025, resulting in around EUR 15 mn annual  savings from that point on
  • 15% drilling incident reduction on average, translating to around EUR 8 mn in cost avoidance

Digital Terminal

  • Terminal Automation System increases the efficiency of the entire operational process in tank farms, speeds up fuel loading, and eliminates paperwork.
  • A fully automated emergency monitoring and execution system with automated fire- extinguishing components improves safety, security, and regulatory compliance.
  • 100+ trucks per day per terminal managed via the 100% paperless self-service
  • 100% redundant state-of-the-art emergency monitoring

Algorithms supporting gas traders

  • Implementation of an algorithmic trading tool to continuously monitor order book activities and related opportunities simultaneously and 24/7 for the purpose of making trading decisions and automating gas contract trading
  • Customized scripts developed in-house process trading signals in real time and interact with gas markets by sending order updates and closing deals within milliseconds
  • Up to 15 different trading algorithms, active on 6 European gas spot markets 
  • Fully automated process from order entry, deal closing, and deal capturing to renomination of physical gas flow

Finance 4.0

  • Digital Finance Transformation focuses on process automation and leverages robotic process automation along with other automation technologies to increase the quality and performance of finance processes
  • Around 100 automations implemented
  • One million mouse clicks avoided by finance users in 2019


  • Automation and state-of-the-art digital tools are key enablers of transformation with the ultimate aim of value-oriented procurement.
  • The SAP Ariba Strategic Sourcing Suite  creates transparency and increases process stability, since all sourcing events are hosted on the Ariba platform
  • Globally established electronic signature processes enable efficient and remote approval workflows independently of office location.
  • 75% of purchase orders fully automated
  • Fully digitalized and 100% paperless sourcing process
  • > 18,000 signatures per month

ACT – summarizes our activities to build the required skills and capabilities for the future, along with a culture that embraces digital transformation


What we do How we benefit

OMV Group-Global cross-divisional
Digital office

  • Create a culture and environment receptive to innovation: We build digital capabilities and adapt our ways of working, supported by our Digital Academy featuring online trainings as well as the “Make a Difference” initiative with culture hacks.
  • The “Skills of the Future” program at OMV Petrom addresses digital and technical capabilities as well as soft skills.
  • We have organized the first International Digital Intrapreneur Challenge to boost innovation. Colleagues pitched their ideas for digitalization to OMV’s top management to obtain funding for implementation. The winning pitch – the RD4 Predictive Heat 
  • Exchanger Schedule – wowed the jury with both financial and environmental benefits. Startup challenges throughout Europe complete the picture.
  • 900 Digital Academy participants and more than 37,000 digital learning sessions completed 
  • > 1,000 people trained in agile ways of  working 
  • 15 quarterly master classes, > 350 participants at virtual digital breakfasts sharing digital/ culture hacks
  • > 120 external hackathons and startup  challenges 
  • Out of > 100 innovation ideas submitted  to the Digital Intrapreneur Challenge, several implemented

OMV Petrom
Digital Democracy

Digitalization to mobilize and empower the workforce leading to a more agile and efficient organization. Scaling digitalization to speed up time-to-value by popularizing use of key technologies, e.g., PowerBI, paperless approvals, automation, and advanced analytics
  • E-signature to replace paper-based approvals: >50% of employees enrolled by mid-2020, 9,000 e-documents signed, >3,000 participants in training sessions

ENABLE – Our activities to build the foundation for digital technology


What we do How we benefit

Digital Office of the Future

  • The Digital Office of the Future program aims to have everything just one click away – we want information, collaboration opportunities, and digital innovations to be available to anyone, anywhere, anytime.
  • Our “digital backbone” ensures business continuity during crises as well as 24/7 availability of data and tools from anywhere, at any time, and on any device, enabling global collaboration.
  • GeoCloud go-live in 8 OMV countries providing secure global access to 100 petro technical apps with 1 PB of data and  400 users
  • Access to 2.5 mn business-critical documents through the cloud-based document and record management system (M-Files)
  • 80% reduced search time for data and  documents
  • Business ramp-up/down time reduced from 6 months to 48 hours

Data Lake / Advanced Analytics

Robot Process Automation

  • Introduce management dashboards for  business users; kicked off with predictive maintenance based on our data lake and  advanced analytics concepts
  • Continual automation of routine office tasks with robotic process automation
  • Create the single source of truth for advanced analytics, planning and reporting, leading to increased data quality and transparency for decision making
  • Save work-years on routine tasks
  • Free capacity of staff for value added work 

S/4 Future

  • “License to operate” in the digital age: SAP S/4HANA is the future-proof ERP backbone of our company
  • Project launched with the aim of 
    streamlining Enterprise Resource Planning landscape to five sys-tems

Digital Infrastructure

  • Replace the core IT infrastructure with cloud- based technology and using hybrid  integration to drive scalability and ensure IT service availability as well as 24/7 collaboration worldwide throughout OMV and  beyond
  • Cloudification of OMV’s IT infrastructure for greater flexibility, scalability, and global reach, and innovative platform services integrated via API

InfoSec 4.0

  • Establish state-of-the-art security technologies in IT and OT
  • Solid foundation for effectively dealing with cybersecurity threats