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Employee attraction, selection and training

Our aim is to have the right skilled people, at the right time, in the right place

In OMV, there is no difference in entry salaries with regard to gender, nationality or other criteria, and we encourage salary equality at all career stages. Salaries for career starters are reviewed each year in line with the local market situation.

Rights and obligations

The rights and obligations of our employees are set out in labor contracts. The vast majority of our employees, 98.7% (2015: 97.5%), have the right to exercise their freedom of association and collective bargaining. For 97.8% (2015: 99.1%) of our employees, minimum wages or salaries are fixed by law or agreed upon in collective bargaining agreements. 83.6% (2015: 81.9%) of our employees are represented by local trade unions or works councils, and our health and safety obligations are covered by formal agreements with trade unions.

"The employees are key drivers of our business and we strive to make OMV an employer of choice" - Isabell Hametner, OMV SVP Human Resources.