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We live diversity

Diversity is an enormous strength that we, as OMV, actively want to utilize now and in the future. Mutual respect, a sense of responsibility, and fairness are the basis of our daily business and the foundation of our everyday working relationships. Over the past years, diversity has become a key competitive factor for OMV. We will only remain competitive if we, as a company, allow more diversity in skills, experience, perspectives, and ideas, while optimally utilizing this diversity.

As a whole, diversity includes many manifestations and aspects, such as age, gender, mental and physical disabilities, religious faiths, cultural values, as well as sexual orientation and ethnic background. We, as OMV, make a point of handling every kind of diversity with respect and appreciation.

Our goals

In order to ensure that we can move more in the future and also guarantee high quality diversity measures, we have set clear goals with regard to promoting diversity as part of our diversity strategy. Until 2020 we want our main focus to be gender and internationality. Our measures start at the highest possible management level and involve all employees equally.

Our measures

Our diversity strategy comprises different initiatives and measures that promote diversity and equal opportunities at OMV. For example, English has been the official Group language since 2004 due to the Group’s international focus. Furthermore, there are a number of family friendly offers that help increase equal opportunities between women and men, such as flexible working hours, various training options, and company kindergartens.

Active, long term advancement of women in technical jobs and management positions is especially important to OMV. Initiatives, such as participation in Girls’ Day are designed to capture and encourage young girls’ interest in technical careers early on. In order to maintain this interest and actively support women’s continued education, we offer female students in technical fields financial and professional support, for instant through scholarships or internships. Additionally, we strive to continuously develop new initiatives for our employees, for example new flexible working hours with job sharing & job splitting possibilities, mentoring specifically for talented women and diversity trainings.

We believe that only the “best mix” of employees brings us lasting added value, both economically and concerning our corporate culture. As a result, we continue to successfully shape the international market. This sustainable approach also closely relates to OMV's sustainability strategy that incorporates Diversity as well.

You can also live diversity at OMV.