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Minimizing environmental impacts

For OMV as an integrated energy group, environmental management is more than compliance with legal requirements. We manage environmental impacts along the entire value chain, from upstream and downstream production to product quality.

The overall strategic goal is to minimize OMV’s environmental impacts, risks and liabilities. Therefore, we reduce the carbon and water intensity of OMV Group’s portfolio. We identify and effectively manage environmental risks in all operations, and we ensure zero harmful discharges to the atmosphere, land and water. To use natural resources (including energy) efficiently is as important as to avoid waste and to manage environmental costs.

Society becomes more sensitive regarding environmental issues, resulting even in boycotts against irresponsible companies.

This concerns areas such as greenhouse gas emissions and climate change; energy efficiency; water resources; biodiversity; and waste management.

The stakeholders, including investors, do not reward good environmental performance but they will punish poor performance. The market assumes and expects OMV to perform well in that area. Likewise for OMV Group, environmental non-compliance could mean high operational costs. Consequently, moving from reactive to proactive environmental management should achieve cost reduction and bring benefits to the company’s bottom line, in addition to the environment.

The Corporate Environmental Department is here to provide support in minimizing the environmental impacts and facilitate continuous improvement of environmental performance throughout OMV Group.