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40 years of Johann Pleininger: From apprentice to Board member

Proactive, dedicated and always full of energy. Ambitious, consistent and full of passion. These are some of the terms that have been used to describe Johann Pleininger, who has been part of OMV for forty years now. He joined the company as an apprentice fitter; today he is the member of the Executive Board responsible for Upstream as well as being the Deputy Chairman.

“Johann Pleininger is an OMV-er through and through. Oil is in his blood; he grew up on the oil field. The business he is responsible for today is something that he knows inside-out and that really makes him stand out”, said fellow Executive Board member, Rainer Seele, CEO of OMV, on the occasion of Johann Pleininger’s 40-year anniversary with the company.

When I was 15 and starting out as an apprentice at OMV I would never have dared dream that I would be on the Executive Board of this amazing company forty years later. Being a part of this is one of the most important things in my life.

From the oil field to the boardroom

Johann Pleininger’s career started in the Lower Austrian cradle of OMV: “I come from Weinviertel, where OMV was always the region’s most important company. I started out as an apprentice fitter in Gänserndorf when I was 15 and was put to work directly in the oil field. As a trainee, you learn the business from the ground up and get a precise picture of the processes and the technology. That helps later on when you are in the boardroom, making decisions that will influence the business”, said Johann Pleininger.

Perhaps the most important decision in his career, according to Johann Pleininger, was the move to Romanian Petrom. He joined the Executive Board after just a year-and-a-half and made a key contribution to the successful modernization of what was Romania’s largest company at the time.

Why not take a look for yourself at the anniversary video, where colleagues, staff and others have their say on our Upstream boss:

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