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OMV in Lybia

A long-termin partnership

OMV has been present in Libya since 1975 and since then it has undergone continuous growth. OMV’s success in Libya is based on the acquisition of producing assets, exploration, as well as field developments and redevelopents. OMV has been exploring in most sedi-mentary basins on- and offshore Libya; including Sirte, Murzuq, Ghadames, Cyrenaica, Kufra and Pelagian basins.

Since the start of the Libyan revolution in 2011, civil unrest, protests and especially blockages of pipelines and oil terminals have repeatedly led to longterm interruptions of OMV activities in the country. OMV was able to resume production in its assets in 2016, but production levels depend on the security situation in the country, with interruptions occurring the production in 2019-2020.
As soon as the political situation has stabilized, OMV will be able to increase production in Libya, but this requires additional investments in existing fields. In 2021, the average production of OMV from Libya was 33 kboe/d.

Sirte basin

In September 2016 the oil terminals in the Sirte Basin reopened and the pro-duction from C103 and Nafoora-Augila field was resumed.

Murzuq basin

The Sharara pipeline was opened in December 2016 and production from Murzuq Basin fields resumed.

Community relations and development

OMV has been investing in improving access to safe water and education facilities and strengthening local medical emergency response capacities in Libya as part of its global support to Sustainable Development Goals. In partnership with the National Oil Corporation (NOC), OMV contributed to improved social services to local authorities of regions with a total population of over half a million people. In 2019, OMV as part of the El Sharara JV, signed an MOU with NOC and Akakus Oil Operations (AOO) for four years further contributions to social development in Libya, focusing on supporting the provision of essential medical and water access equipment, services, drill-ing of water wells and capacity building program for local youth and authorities. In response to the ongoing pandemic, OMV provided COVID-19-support to local communities in 2020 and 2021.


  • 1975 Entry and exploration activities
  • 1985 Acquisition of 25% of Occidental Petroleum´s producing assets
  • 1989 Signing of five exploration agreements in the Sirte and Ghadames basins
  • 1994/1997 New “Exploration & Production Sharing Agreements (EPSA)” for the blocks NC115 and NC186 in the Murzuq basin with partners Repsol, TOTAL and Equinor. Several economically feasible fields were discovered and developed in the course of the exploration activities.
  • 2008 The existing EPSAs were renewed and signed in accordance with the new EPSA IV contract model; the agreements were extended significantly (until 2032)
  • 2016 Acquisition of the remaining stake in the producing fields of the Sirte basins.