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Strategy 2030

Our vision

Based on our corporate purpose “Re-inventing Essentials for Sustainable Living” we aim to become a global leader in circular economy solutions. Turning the value chain from a linear to a circular model will be one of our priorities in making OMV a sustainable business. Thanks to our unique integration between recycling, refinery, and petrochemical operations, we are engaging in all steps along this circle. State-of-the-art technology expertise and our patented technologies in both chemical recycling and standard and advanced mechanical recycling will help us to minimize pollution and waste, reuse materials, shift to low-carbon energy, keep carbon in the circle, and regenerate our living environment.

Fundamental shift from a linear to a circular society

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Our Value Circle

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More information

Borealis' mechanical recycling

Borealis' mechanical recycling

We believe that waste is just unused potential; value waiting to be reignited. Mechanical recycling is one way of giving polyolefin-based, post-consumer waste another life, supercharging the transition to a circular polyolefin industry. By creating consistent high quality, versatile materials in the most energy efficient way fit for broad needs and demanding applications, mechanical recycling has an important role to play in closing the material loop on plastics circularity.

OMV's chemical recycling

OMV's chemical recycling

In the field of chemical recycling, OMV is doing groundbreaking work in the industrial production of synthetic crude from plastic waste with its ReOil pilot project in the Schwechat Refinery.