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Strategy 2030

Taking the Lead in Sustainable Fuels

We strive to become a leading producer of sustainable mobility fuels and chemical feedstock in Europe. We will reduce fossil fuel throughput in line with changing demand patterns, while deepening integration with the Chemicals & Materials segment.

Market potential for Europe’s fossil refineries will decline significantly in terms of volumes and margins, but demand for sustainable mobility fuels and chemical feedstocks will increase. Accordingly, we will optimize our integrated refineries in Schwechat and Burghausen to focus on high-quality fossil resources and a growing share of sustainable feedstocks.

Looking at our retail business, we will grow profitability and further develop our non-fuel offering. We will increasingly shift from fuel to e-vehicle charging, and to convenience. A portfolio of sustainable premium road fuels based on biofuels and synthetic fuels will offset the decline in fossil products.

We will also increase sales of sustainable aviation fuel to more than 700,000 metric tons – thereby going well beyond the planned regulatory framework. 


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Fuels & Feedstocks

Fuels & Feedstocks

OMV's Fuels & Feedstock business unit produces and sells fuels and feedstock for the chemicals' industry, operates three refineries in Europe and holds a 15% stake in a refinery joint venture in the United Arab Emirates. OMV operates around 1,700 filling stations in eight European countries.

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