Milestones in the OMV success story

Since starting out in Austria as a state-owned company in 1956, OMV has developed into the most successful industrial corporation in Austria and an international flagship. Numerous milestones have been passed on this route to success – come with us on a journey through time!

1956: Founding of the Österreichischen Mineralölverwaltung Aktiengesellschaft   
1960: The Schwechat refinery goes into operation   
1965: Entry into mineral oil sales with Martha and ÖROP (later ELAN)   
1968: First natural gas supply contract with the former USSR   
1970: The Adria-Wien Pipeline goes into operation   
1974: Trans-Austria Gas Pipeline goes into operation   
1980: West-Austria Gas Pipeline goes into operation   
1984: First lead-free gasoline in Austria   
1985: First international E&P operations in Libya   

Acquisition of the Burghausen refinery

First step taken towards privatization: 15% of capital stock 

Takeover of PCD Polymere GmbH

Privatization of further 10% of ÖMV's capital stock 
1990: Acquisition of CHEMIE LINZ Group; the first ÖMV filling station opens   
1991: Commencement of the international filling station retail business with the first ÖMV filling stations in Hungary, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Germany and Italy   
1994: Acquisition of 19.6% of ÖMV's capital stock by IPIC (Abu Dhabi)   
1995: Renaming from ÖMV to OMV   
1996: Secondary Offering of 15% of OMV shares   
1997: The first OMV CNG (compressed natural gas) filling station opens in Austria   
1998: Sale of PCD to Borealis and acquisition of 25% stake in Borealis   

Takeover of the Australian exploration company CULTUS Petroleum NL

First OMV filling stations in Romania and Bulgaria 
2000: Acquisition of around 10% of the Hungarian oil company MOL   

Expansion of the exploration areas in Yemen, Iran and Ireland

Natural gas sector spin-off to OMV Erdgas GmbH 

Acquisition of 25.1% of the Rompetrol Group

First OMV filling station in Serbia-Montenegro 

Acquisition of Preussag Energie international E&P portfolio

Acquisition of 45% of Bayernoil-Raffinerieverbund as well as 313 BP-filling stations in Germany, Hungary and Slovakia

First OMV filling stations in Bosnia and Herzegovina

Acquisition of 139 Avanti filling stations in Austria, Czech Republic, Slovakia and Bulgaria 

Restructuring into a management holding

Acquisition of a 51% stake in the Romanian oil and gas group, Petrom

Capital increase and issue of a convertible bond, hence the free float representing more than 50% of issued share capital for the first time 

Sale of the stake in the Rompetrol Group

OMV and IPIC acquire 100% of Borealis

OMV sells 50% AMI stake to IPIC 
2006: Acquisition of a 34% stake in the Turkish oil and gas group, Petrol Ofisi  
2007: Increase of shareholding in the Hungarian oil company MOL to 20.2%; decision to realize the first OMV power plant project in Petrobrazi (Romania)  
2008: ÖIAG/IPIC consortium increases shareholding in OMV to 50.7%  
2009: OMV sells its entire stake in MOL to Surgutneftegas  
2010: Increase of the stake in Petrol Ofisi from 41.58% to 95.75%
(increased to 97% in 2011)
2011: Acquisition of the E&P portfolio of Pioneer in Tunisia  
2012: Domino-1 well: significant gas discovery offshore Romania with high potential for OMV Petrom
2013: Largest investment in OMV’s history with USD 2.65 bn invested in Statoil deal for interests in Norway and the UK.  
2014: Sale of 45% of Bayernoil to Varo Energy B.V.  
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