OMV Petrom S.A.

In 2004 OMV Aktiengesellschaft obtained a majority holding in the Romanian Petrom company. Since then Petrom’s gas business has become an important component of OMV Gas & Power in Romania. Major business customers are supplied by the gas subsidiaries Petrom- Business Division Gas and Petrom Gas SRL.

Business Division Gas

As a reflection of the importance of gas business within Petrom, the company set up the Business Division Gas in 2005. This provides for a clear division of competencies and a focus on gas activities to strengthen Petrom's position in this sector. It will also establish the necessary organizational framework to enable Romania to actively exploit the potential and challenges of an open market to which it has access as a member of the EU. An integrated team of experts works together within this Business Unit to offer optimum services for gas customers.

The aims of the Business Division Gas are as follows:

  • development of Petrom's leading position in the Romanian gas market
  • provision (safeguarding) of customer-based services
  • supply reliability for Romania
  • development of storage and supply facilities

Petrom Gas

Petrom Gas S.R.L., since the privatization of Petrom S.A. in 2004, is one of the most important suppliers on the liberalized Romanian gas market. This has enabled it to outperform competitors by delivering high quality, reliable services and security of gas supply.

Petrom Gas is focusing on supplying natural gas to end users in Romania, who are industrial and commercial customers, and heat and power plants.

The company was founded on a commitment to professionalism and customer service that still remains the core of its business philosophy today. Since its inception in 1999, it has been focusing on its customers by providing optimal gas solutions and building long term customer relationships resulting in high customer loyalty and satisfaction.

As a business-to-business gas supplier, Petrom Gas has a major responsibility to maintain security of supply. This is possible due to Petrom's equity gas production and having diverse agreements with several other suppliers from which it purchases domestic and imported gas.

Petrom Gas has consolidated its position on the Romanian gas market by retaining its customer basis, gaining new customers and establishing a solid customer mix.

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