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The Maari oil field, the first offshore oil field development operated by OMV, demonstrated OMV’s impressive technical expertise. For 25 years cost-effective production from the Maari oil field, the largest oil field in New Zealand, seemed impossible due to the water depth, the distance from the coast, and the oil’s wax content. But OMV announced first oil in early 2009 with the new downhole heating system. More than 15 mn barrels have been produced from Maari since then. Another technological achievement at Maari was that the 24” casings were installed during some of the drilling, making it the largest “drilling with casing” project to date.

The natural gas from two large gas fields and the Maari field production make OMV New Zealand’s largest producer of liquid hydrocarbons and the third largest natural gas producer in the country. With its relatively unexplored basins, New Zealand offers enormous potential for future discoveries and developments. The company manages a pioneering partnership with the goal of exploring the Great South Basin, a sedimentary basin south of the South Island.

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